Platters and Trays
Platters and Trays
Whole Poached Salmon Display  
Assorted Pate : 
Assorted Pate served with onions, capers, mustard sauce and crackers.
Baked Wheel of Brie en Croute : 
Baked Wheel of Brie en Croute garnished with fresh fruit.
Deli Platter : 
Deli Platter with roasted beef, ham, roasted turkey, Swiss cheese and Muenster cheese, accompanied by rye, pumpernickel and sourdough breads with mayonnaise, mustard, tomato, lettuce, red onions and pickles.
Display of Fresh Seasonal Fruit and Berries : 
Display of Fresh Seasonal Fruit and Berries served with dark chocolate sauce and whipped cream.
Smoked Seafood Platter : 
Smoked Seafood Platter with smoked salmon, trout, and peppered mackerel served with mustard, horseradish sauce and assorted crackers.
Display of Fresh Domestic and Beluga Caviar : 
Display of Fresh Domestic and Beluga Caviar served with chopped onions, chopped eggs and toast points.
Sliced Smoked Salmon Platter : 
Sliced Smoked Salmon Platter served with traditional garnishes.
Display of Fresh Seasonal Vegetables : 
Display of Fresh Seasonal Vegetables served with dipping sauce.
Display of Domestic and Imported Cheeses : 
Display of Domestic and Imported Cheeses garnished with fresh fruit and served with Lavosh crackers.
Antipasto Display : 
Antipasto Display with sliced peppered ham, Italian salami, mozzarella, Romano and marinated goat cheese, roasted tomatoes, grilled red peppers and broccoli, artichoke hearts and Kalamata olives.
Large Gulf Shrimp : 
Large Gulf Shrimp seasoned and served on ice with fresh lemon and cocktail sauce.
Seafood Platter : 
Seafood Platter includes cracked crab claws, seasoned shrimp and smoked bay scallops.
Red Jacket New Potatoes : 
Red Jacket New Potatoes stuffed with cream cheese topped with crisp bacon bits and fresh chives.